Pre-sale service

01 The elite team is at your service

①、6 professional planners, personalized design for customers' ideas

②、12 unique production technicians finely polish your products

③、Professional on-site installation team saves time and effort to achieve the best results for your products

02 Customized solutions according to customer needs

At the beginning of your early selection, we have professional customer service and designers to develop suitable product solutions for you according to your needs: including styles, colors, and sizes. We will solve custom problems for you one by one.

03 Welcome to visit

Welcome and support customers to visit the products sold by the company at any time, inspect our company's product design, product manufacturing and process flow, product equipment and quality management system.

04 Provide reasonable quotation

When the customer informs the product process, size, style, and informs the customer service, we will make a reasonable quotation according to your needs within 2 hours.

05 Provide professional consultation

We adhere to the principle of "customer first" and provide quality service to customers. We will answer your professional technical questions and answer your doubts in the fastest time.

06 Product Quality Commitment

In order to ensure the high-quality performance of the product, the manufacturing and testing of the product have quality records and testing data. We promise that each product will be verified and debugged by the quality inspection department before shipment.

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