After sales service

01、Product warranty service

We follow a strict and responsible service attitude. After you receive the product, if there is a non-human factor failure, you can enjoy 1 year warranty service. After the warranty period, if you have any questions, you can still contact us at any time, our after-sales staff will solve your confusion.

02、product quality assurance

Each product of us uses qualified raw materials. In order to ensure that customers can use them with confidence, the materials have been tested by ATS authority. Please buy with confidence!

03、Product installation problems

One-stop factory customized production mode can save you time and trouble. Equipped with specialized technical personnel to solve various questions and problems for you. There is a mature construction site installation team to complete the product installation.

04、Product receipt notice

After you receive the product, if you find that the packaging is damaged, please do not sign for it:

, should call our customer service staff to explain the situation, and record the actual damaged picture.

Open the package and check the product situation: if the product is damaged, the site situation should be recorded immediately, confirmed on site or uploaded to our customer service personnel at the first time, we will negotiate and handle it within three working days.

If the product is not damaged, the signing can be completed.

05、Product return issues

Due to the particularity of the customized industry, and the products are produced according to your personal needs, after signing the contract and receiving the deposit, return and exchange services are not supported, so please check the product process and size before the product is placed on the order. And other parameters

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