Red bronze push-pull screen/upright partition/folding partition

Specification: customized as required

Brand: Royal Metal art customiztion

Place of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong

Material: stainless steel 304 #, 201 #, 316 #, aluminum screen

Thickness: 5mm ~ 20mm (can be customized)

Process: argon arc welding square tube welding laser cutting

Surface treatment: vacuum plating and nano anti-fingerprint treatment

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Royal Metal art customiztion


Customized customers: Sheng Zhen hotel

Project location: Sheng Zhen

Project Area: 26.7m²

Custom project: screen metal decoration project












01  flat and seamless

The fine workmanship ensures that all welded joints of the stainless steel screen are smooth and smooth, and that all grate frames are welded.


  02  Surface treatment

After the stainless steel screen product is finished, it needs to carry out its surface, maybe antique color, old treatment, or modern luxury. We firmly believe in the service and guarantee that each product has a beautiful appearance, beautiful color and durability.

 03  Screen application

The style is changeable, and various customizations are accepted, so that the screen can be widely used in stainless steel decoration industries such as hotel clubs, business offices, business squares, shopping malls, stores, homes, elevators and bars.




Product size: specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

Product color: titanium, black titanium, red bronze, yellow bronze, blue bronze, rose gold, champagne gold, silver, etc. Can also be customized according to customer swatches.

Product technology: laser cutting, CNC planing, CNC bending, welding, polishing, grinding, vacuum coating.




Packing method: After wrapping with pearl cotton or bubble bag, it is packed in a special wooden case.

Delivery method: cooperation with fixed logistics companies, convenient and fast delivery, can be shipped to all parts of the country or internationally.

Installation team: If the product involves installation, there is delivery service + equipped with a professional installation team.


Screen style

Screen style: retro screen, new Chinese screen, Japanese screen, European screen, modern minimalist screen, Nordic screen, American screen, light luxury screen, office screen, business screen, antique bronze screen, classic screen, laser hollow screen, etc.



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