stainless steel wine cabinet wine display cabinet


Specification: customized as required

Brand: Royal Metal

Place of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong

Material: stainless steel 304 #, 201 #

Depth: 300mm ~ 450mm (can be customized)

Process: argon arc welding, manual welding, laser cutting

Surface treatment: vacuum plating and nano anti-fingerprint treatment

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 Royal Metal

Wine cellar customization



01  One-stop factory

One-stop factory production mode saves you time and worry. 12 ingenious production technicians polish your products finely.

, Fine workmanship guarantees that all welding joints of the product are smooth and smooth.

02  Team effect

① 6 professional solution designers with unique and keen fashion inspiration, use art design methods combined with industry knowledge to achieve personalized design for customer ideas.

②. Have an experienced production technology team, focus on the storage and maintenance of the world's classic wine, and strive to make each job a model for the domestic wine storage industry.

③ There is a mature construction site installation team, which saves time and effort and helps you to complete the installation of your product

03  Unlimited customization

Can be customized according to customer preferences, formulate different design requirements for style, color, lighting, style, etc., and create a wine storage space that is both decorative and practical.

04  Wine cabinet application

Accept various customizations. Can be widely used in stainless steel decoration industry, such as hotel clubs, business offices, commercial plazas, shopping malls, shops, furniture, elevators and bars.



Product size: specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

Product color: titanium, black titanium, red bronze, yellow bronze, blue bronze, rose gold, champagne gold, silver, etc. Can also be customized according to customer swatches.

Product technology: laser cutting, CNC planing, CNC bending, welding, polishing, grinding, vacuum coating.




Packing method: After wrapping with pearl cotton or bubble bag, it is packed in a special wooden case.

Delivery method: cooperation with fixed logistics companies, convenient and fast delivery, can be shipped to all parts of the country or internationally.

Installation team: If the product involves installation, there is delivery service + equipped with a professional installation team.




Wine cabinet / wine rack style: constant temperature stainless steel wine cabinet, American wine cabinet, industrial wine cabinet, European wine cabinet, modern minimalist living room wine cabinet, sideboard, partition glass cabinet, wine storage rack, bar hanger, wine rack, Display racks, etc.


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