Customized Stainless Steel Waterscape Landscape Sculpture Art Decoration


 Royal Metal

Art customization





01  One-stop factory

One-stop factory production mode saves you time and worry. 12 ingenious production technicians polish your products finely.

, Fine workmanship guarantees that all welding joints of the product are smooth and smooth.

02  Team effect

① 6 professional solution designers with unique and keen fashion inspiration, use art design methods combined with industry knowledge to achieve personalized design for customer ideas.

②, has an experienced production technology team, focusing on metal art customization

③ There is a mature construction site installation team, which saves time and effort and helps you to complete the installation of your product


03  Sculpture application


304 # stainless steel material selection, can be used for water features, without fear of rust, beautiful and fashionable luster, long-lasting quality, it is the choice for large hotels, commercial plazas, real estate landscaping, indoor landscape ponds. applicable.





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