How should the screen match the overall home?

Industry Information 1970-01-01 | 阅读:

In the age of pursuing quality; in daily life, we may be most careful about collocation.

When buying a blue shirt, what pants, shoes, and tie would you like to match?

When buying a skirt, what high heels and casual shoes would you like to make it more dazzling overall?

Cooking food, I will think of the combination of various ingredients, will have a richer taste ...

Similarly, when we add furniture or any home furnishings to our home, we will think of harmony with the overall home style.

How should the stainless steel living room screen be matched with the home?


When we need to choose a screen for the home or business environment; first of all, its color should be the same as the color of the home decoration or the home, such as your coffee table or decorative edge is rose gold, In response, our first suggestion will recommend you to choose rose gold. If you have higher requirements for color consistency, it is also necessary to provide the same color plate for color customization. Then, the pattern style of the screen must be the same as the decoration style. For example, if your environment is a new Chinese style decoration, you must match the classical Chinese pattern.








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