Different jewelry showcases will bring different stunning.

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Different jewelry showcases will bring different stunning. Are you choosing the right color?

I think color is the first element we think is wonderful and gorgeous in this world, and each color represents a different mood.

Sometimes, we will choose that color, it will be because of the lucky color, the color you like, the more  bright color, the more neutral color, etc. In short, each color will have a label.


In each jewelry store decoration design plan that we make, the use of product color is of paramount importance, because the use of jewelry store showcases is the first factor that affects the customer's sense of entering the store. It also reflects the brand's taste and personality, combining the ingenious combination of elements in all aspects of the store, the perfect fusion of light luxury and elegance, the strength of the interpretation of high-end texture.


Royal metal high-end metal art customization, your metal planner!

The beauty of life is its colorfulness.

I understand that all life modes should not be framed. We should learn to break the scope and look for unexpected surprises! !! !!


A variety of conventional colors (for example: rose gold / champagne gold / black titanium / titanium gold / red bronze / green bronze / yellow bronze / silver)

Various finish textures (eg mirror / brushed / matte / random / etched, etc.)












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