Jewellery showcase style is valued today

Industry Information 1970-01-01 | 阅读:

At present, the public's aesthetic level is gradually increasing. While patronizing the purchase of luxury goods, in addition to paying attention to the purchase itself, they also value the decoration of the overall store and whether they have the same taste. Therefore, many luxury jewellery shops face the display design and overall of the showcase. Store design has become particularly important.

For our customer group research, whether it is in large or small jewelry stores, brand stores have many requirements for designing display cabinets. The workmanship details and style design are the two starting points that they usually communicate with us the most. Can't underline the tone of the brand he wants to highlight


Royal Metal art customization, for jewelry showcase solutions, with consulting, planning, design, production, transportation, installation, engineering maintenance and post-service eight professional integrated metal design business enterprise. In 2019, we participated in the deepening of jewellery cabinet drawings and product production for the doji jewelry group in Vietnam.


In the competition with many companies, we rely on the expertise of stainless steel, and have been favored by the leaders of the Doji Group. Its jewelry showcase design uses a professional perspective to use the durable performance of stainless steel to perfectly integrate fashion and practicality. Provide unique branded showcases.


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