How does the basement become a "high-end, western style, high-grade" use?

Industry Information 1970-01-01 | 阅读:

The basement is kept at a constant temperature of 22 degrees all year round. There are many uses for this "natural air conditioner".


For example, it can be used to store sundries, specific foods, study rooms, etc. Different uses can be endless. When or if you are a wine lover, but there is no more room in your home to make an independent wine tasting area, then we recommend a "high-end, western style, high-grade" use-Tibetan wine.


A private wine cellar with a modern design style that takes into account the use of modern technology is a great choice for you to host high-end events, fashion parties, wine tastings, business dinners, family dinners, dating couples, and private wine collection.



The design style of the entire wine cellar can be elegant and luxurious, beautiful, all wine cabinets, wine racks, wine sets, furniture, carpets, wine utensils, etc. are tailor-made for them; follow Western-style wine tasting etiquette An integrated and complete wine cellar space, such as a bar counter and a wine glass rack, fully reflects the taste and honor of the user.


The following is a case study of Royal Metal's private wine cellar:






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