How to use room dividers to create the mysteries of different worlds?

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The sense of ritual is the magic that makes ordinary days shine. Today, more and more impetuous, we need to inherit the original taste to the next generation. A screen decoration with temperature is restored to give children a more flavorful era-Royal Metal Art Customization is committed to bringing a better life for more people.


Stainless steel room dividers may be the first space after entering the gate, and it is a space for indoor and outdoor transition buffer.

However, some units are the living room or dining room as soon as they enter the door. The entire space is unobstructed at the moment of entering the door, so there is no privacy at all. Therefore, it is a crucial design to choose to put a stainless steel room dividers to divide into two spaces.


Metal screens, according to the color depth and texture of the space decoration, can be combined with modern styles such as simple Nordic, or in harmony with some more Zen-style (such as Chinese), some European retro style (such as Gothic) Elegant style, or  style with strong industrial flavor .....


Metal elements are used more in classical, light luxury and other styles, and the design of metal screens can also increase the quality of space.





Nordic style / modern minimalist / light luxury custom screen 


New Chinese Zen screen custom partition grate


European-style screen partition partition carved custom




Black titanium industrial wind screen partition porch custom


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